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“Role of human rights defender: achievement, challenges and the way forward”

Commemorating the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders adopted by the General Assembly in 1998, many speakers voiced admiration for human rights defenders around the world who dedicate and sometimes sacrifice their lives fighting for economic, social, cultural, civil, and political rights. Others called on the international community to recommit to the Declaration and do more to protect those who stood up for the rights of their fellow human beings.
On 20th February 2022 Sunday at 7:00 pm Bangladesh time, our Panel Speaker discussed on “Role of human rights defender: achievement, challenges and the way forward”.
This special event was organized by Youth Nexus in association with American Corner Khulna under the U.S. Department of State.

About Speakers:

Mahfuza Mala is a feminist, women’s rights activist, and humanitarian professional with a decade of professional involvement in the development arena at home and abroad. Her area of work spans Resilience and Sustainable Development linking with Gender and Climate Justice, Livelihood, and Public Health. Starting from the grassroots level and having an urge to make an impact at the global level, she is committed to changing the lives of people in distress and challenging strong patriarchal culture and the notions of discrimination, exclusion, inequality, and disempowerment. She holds a master's in Anthropology and has an interest in research, project implementation, and advocacy. Passionate about gender justice, women’s rights, dignity, and empowerment of the oppressed women, she has been actively leading nation-wide gender awareness and rights protection activities for the last 10 years under the umbrella of Naripokkho- a women's activist organization in Bangladesh working for the advancement of women's rights and entitlements and building resistance against violence, discrimination, and injustice.

Tashnuva Anan Shishir is a Bangladeshi Transgender Rights Activist, Model, Actress & News Anchor Who Became Bangladesh's First Openly Transgender News Anchor on March 8, 2021.

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