About Us

Youth Nexus Bangladesh is a non-profit, voluntary youth movement. It is dedicated to conveying the voice of young generation regarding current global issues such as leadership, human rights, development, environment, disarmament (demobilization), social justice etc. It is an excellent environment for the development of organizational and leadership skills, intellectual abilities and research orientation. It also maintains bilateral relations beyond national borders. We have been working towards our goal since its establishment on 10th of October 2014.

Our main motto: “Youth Connects to Sustainable Development”


A prosperous, just, and inclusive world driven by courageous, compassionate, and competent leaders. Motivate and sensationalize the youth in taking positive concerted actions for the national harmony, Society-focused development with entrepreneurship, collaboration, Quality, Leadership, Innovation, cultural interactions and the knowledge exchange & development. To make youth a future leader.


Our mission is to build connections among youth from diverse backgrounds, equip them with leadership skills, and enable them to have high impact in public, private, and civil sectors.

MD. PALASH MAHMUD, Executive Director of Youth Nexus

Mahmud has more than Seven years of experience in the fields of youth development,
civic engagement, youth leadership and strategic philanthropy. Since 2015, he has been the Executive Director of Youth Nexus of Bangladesh where he manages several initiative for grassroots youths whose programs use the leadership to transform the lives of young generation. At Khulna, Bangladesh,Mr. Mahmud has built a value-added model role to work in partnership with local institutions to ensuring successful outcomes for the youth and communities they serve.

Prior to his work with several INGOs & NGOs, Mr. Mahmud was Program Developer,ICS at VSO International, an international organization dedicated to support youth as global leaders, where he ensured the implementation of the strategic plan, designed a multiyear
youth leadership curriculum, and developed the parameters for partnerships and program expansion. Mr. Mahmud was also a Associate Program Officer for Youth Engagement on Climate change issue at the SERAC-Bangladesh where he led several national initiatives.
Mr. Mahmud has conducted training’s and presentations about youth engagement and non-profit management at numerous conferences around the world such as Asian Urban Youth Assembly at Malaysia, South Asian Youth Summit at India, UNESCO MGIEP TECH Conference in India.
He also conducted more than 100 sessions as a Facilitator of Active Citizens Youth Leadership Training, at British Council Bangladesh, to exploring the challenges & opportunities for authentic youth engagement, importance of advocacy, how to stop child marriage and how youth can play active role to implementing SDGs. Also he playing a vital role at National Youth Engagement Network in Bangladesh.

Mr. Mahmud holds a BBA in Management Studies from National University as well as MBA in Management.
Also ongoing his MPA for Governance & Public Policy from BIGM, University of Dhaka.
He currently serves as Country Ambassador to Bangladesh, at the International Youth Committee (IYC).
& Regional President(Khulna) of the VSO Alumni Association Bangladesh and Youth Advisor of the NYAB, Oxfam in Bangladesh.

Our people

G.M. Rabbi, Senior HR Officer
FatemaTuz Zohra, Documentation Officer
Chandan Das V.Management Officer
Nawmee Jessica Public Relation Officer
Lima Akter KU, Associate Program Officer
Farjana K. Likhon Chief Financial Officer
MD. Habibur Rahman, Member
Md. Rafe Ahmed, S. Coordination Officer
Rafija Tul Kubra Associate IT & D. Officer
Khalid Bin Mizan, Innovation&N. Officer
Sudip kumar Kundu, Member
S.M Sorowar, Senior Program Officer
Humaira S.Nila Human Resources Officer
Andrila Naznin, A. Project Officer

YN Ambassadors

The gorgeous team of Youth

Arup Kumar Das, Youth Ambassador
Nazmul Sowd Niloy, CA, Khulna University
Sajal Eahsan Dip, CA, BSMRST University
Tuhin Khan Main, District A, Rajshahi
Diti Ray, CA, North Western University
SUMAYAH ISLAM, Youth Ambassador
S. Murad Hossain, Youth Ambassador
Md. Jamil Hossain, CA,PUST
Asifur Rahman, CA,Northern U of B.T.
ZAWAD ALAM, CA, University of Dhaka
Md.Bayzid Faisal, Youth Ambassador
Sukanta Saha,Youth Ambassador
Shrabanti Kundu, CA,Khulna University
SK Tanjis, CA, North Western University
SK Akib Ullah, District A, Satkhira

Our story

We Here Because of

Our country is threatened by climate change, ecological devastation, violent partisan politics, rising youth unemployment, as well as widening and deepening socio-political and economic inequalities. YN aims to provide innovative and long terms solutions to these problems by fostering the courage, compassion, and competence necessary for effective leadership among today’s youth.

We believe that leadership is distinct from authority. It is a process, not a position. If we look at leadership as the process of mobilizing a group to improve the human condition, we open up new and exciting opportunities for people to participate in leadership activities, regardless of whether they hold a formal position of authority. This is especially relevant for Bangladesh where the median age of the population is 24.1, according to 2010 estimates of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Most young people do not hold formal positions of authority. Does this mean that this generation cannot contribute to the country’s development today?

We believe that formal authority is not a requirement for exercising leadership. Leadership can be exercised by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or socio-economic status. What is required for young people to exercise leadership is heart and ability. YN provides a platform for young people to develop leadership skills and participate in the country’s development process. A cornerstone of YN’s approach involves uniting youth from diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds because effective leadership requires the capacity to embrace diversity and pluralism. And through this process of empowering young people to act on behalf of issues they care about deeply, we aim to strengthen prosperity, justice, and inclusiveness in society.